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Room Integrity Testing

We carry out room integrity testing according to governing standards. We have experience of testing all types and sizes of enclosure across the country.

Enclosures protected by gaseous fire suppression systems should be tested for airtightness upon commissioning of the system and annually thereafter. This is critical to ensure that the system will work effectively when activated; too much air leakage will result in the concentration of the fire suppressant agent falling too quickly.

Chalis provides the necessary room integrity testing in accordance with BSEN 15004, NFPA 2001 or ISO 14520 methodologies.

We have experience of testing all types and sizes of enclosure, from offices to Category 4 data centres. In each case we carry out the necessary volumetric calculations prior to the test and use calibrated Retrotec test fan systems and Retrotec CA2001 software, to determine results immediately upon completion of the test.

We provide detailed reports, incorporating all test data and will include the leakage diagnosis information, if applicable.

In the event of a failed test result, we can offer a proposal to perform the necessary sealing works together with a re-test.

All works are undertaken by our own fully trained and third-party certified Technicians.

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